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Serious Personal Injury

Frank Mroz, the firm’s founder, has practiced real estate and commercial law in Virginia for over 35 years. Chris Nolan has been a civil litigator for over 30 years  and is a leading attorney in the defense of real estate title claims.

Frank’s practice includes residential and commercial real estate settlements, assistance with the commencement of a business, all types of contracts, (formation or breach), and construction disputes.

Chris, as a civil litigator, with expertise on the commercial side of the law, represents developers, lenders and owners in construction and real estate litigation and title insurance claims. He also can assist you in analyzing any business-related matter which involves, or may soon involve, litigation.

After a free telephone consultation with either Frank or Chris (we do not use telephone screeners), a suitable case may lead to an office conference and eventual representation.

Stephen P. Zachary and John J. Brandt draw upon a combined 91 + years as personal injury trial lawyers. Their experience includes hundreds of cases, defending insurance companies and their insureds,  involving car and truck crashes, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, brain injuries, fractured bones, herniated spinal discs, burns and paralysis.

They now represent injured persons (plaintiffs) against insurance companies and use their extensive experience to help you throughout the legal process. Typically both will assist you, and whereas that may limit the number of cases they accept, it affords you two trial lawyers for the price of one.

After a free telephone consultation with one of them (we do not use telephone screeners), a qualifying case results in another free consultation – this time a personal conference with both John and Stephen in their offices.

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